How A Busy Mom and Designer Increased Her E-Design Profits by 100%

“I seriously love SideDoor! Through their free tool, my clients can purchase all of the trade-only products for their space directly from me in one transaction. It has been a game changer for my e-design business in terms of revenue and efficiency.”

–Peggy Haddad, Peggy Haddad Interiors, Colorado

With SideDoor as a behind-the-scenes partner, Peggy has seen the profits for her e-design projects increase by 100% or more.


Peggy Haddad of Peggy Haddad Interiorsis proof that there is no typical path to becoming a successful e-designer. In college, she was an accounting major and captain of her tennis team who planned on pursuing a career as a CPA. After leaving the finance industry to spend more time with her two daughters, she decided that pursuing her passion for design and being a mom didn’t have to be mutually exclusive.

The Problem

Coming from accounting, Peggy was shocked by rampant inefficiencies in the design industry, and as a mom of two young girls, she didn’t have time to waste. “Clients expect a discounted rate when working virtually with a designer,” says Peggy. “However, when I was charging a reasonable flat fee plus affiliate links, the profits were not justifying the time I invested into my e-design projects. I knew I needed to make more margin on the products I was curating, but as a solo-entrepreneur, I did not want the accounting nightmare of selling trade products to my virtual clients. Also, I did not have the time to set up accounts with multiple vendors, place orders, and more.”

Peggy Haddad Interiors
Peggy Haddad Interiors
Peggy Haddad Interiors

The Solution

Peggy was an early adopter of SideDoor and has used the tool to re-design her entire business.

“SideDoor was the missing piece to the equation,” says Peggy. “As soon as I saw the revenue potential, and that most of my favorite vendors were a part of SideDoor, I quickly changed all of my processes to incorporate its tool.”

With SideDoor as a behind-the-scenes partner, Peggy has seen the profits for her e-design projects increase by 100% or more, simply by using the tool to source the trade products in her designs. Since all the vendors are in one catalog, and because SideDoor customer service handles the logistics from facilitating payment to ensuring the products arrive on her client’s doorstep, the tool also makes Peggy’s process much more efficient—cutting the time it takes to source product and logistics by a third.

Here’s what Peggy shared with us on stats: 2.5-3xproject profits vs. using affiliate links alone (on average), and says she saves 30% time per project in sourcing product and logistics.

In addition to using SideDoor for her client projects, Peggy turned her website into a trade-only shop, incorporating her collections into her blog posts and social media. “As the cherry on top, each collection in SideDoor has a unique link that I can share on social media or embed on my website so followers and subscribers can purchase directly from me as well. Genius!”

There’s nothing easy about being a stay-at-home mom and an entrepreneur, but with SideDoor, Peggy knows she’s not alone. She’s able to focus more of her time on design and let us handle the fulfillment.