We help qualified designers sell more of your product

SideDoor is a to-the-trade sales tool giving interior designers a new way to show and sell your product to their clients and fans from the comfort of their own home.

How do we help Vendors?

  • We're not another marketplace or design software.

    SideDoor is a to-the-trade sales tool, it is not a forward-facing open to the public e-commerce site. Our tool streamlines how designers show and sell the products they spec for their clients and projects from Vendors like you.

  • We understand how you work.

    We're run by a successful interior designer who also owns a wholesale furnishings business. We understand personally the challenges that Vendors and Designers are facing in the e-commerce era, and we are personally invested in saving our industry and our small businesses.

  • We streamline communication & payments.

    Not all Vendors are equipped to deal with thousands of incoming independent designers. SideDoor takes the extra setup and communication off your plate by coordinating all communication and purchase orders from our platform directly. We're your customer.

  • We understand and follow industry best practices.

    We do not allow designers to sell or spec products below a Vendor's suggested IMAP price point, nor do we have a forward-facing site that is open to the general public. We believe there is plenty of room for innovation without resorting to breaking the rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm confused, what is this all about?

We offer a simplified way for Interior Designers to become more profitable. Our mission is to support their small businesses by giving them a leg up in a climate where online furniture tech giants seek to monopolize the industry. We offer vendors the ability to join us on this mission, all while protecting the integrity of their brand.

For simplicity's sake: consider us the Vendor. Think of us as a curated multi-line showroom that has multiple brands. We enable Designers to 'curate' from the digital catalogs of top brands and show these products in a shoppable way to their fans and design clients.

How are returns handled?

All sales through SideDoor are final. We do not allow returns unless the product is damaged in transit. Merchandise is not returnable. Exceptions to this policy would include items received in error because of vendor mistakes or items damaged during shipping that cannot be repaired. Items received in error due to incorrect specifications on the part of the designer or customer at the time of order cannot be returned. Items found to be unacceptable on the part of a client or buyer where no damage or errors exist cannot be returned. Buyers are responsible to ensure that products purchased will physically fit in the designated delivery area.

How are waranty issues handled?

All sales through SideDoor are final. We do not allow returns unless the product is damaged in transit. Any warranty issues will be null/void based on terms and conditions.

How can I avoid purchase orders for discontinued or out of stock items?

SideDoor's system is dynamic and as soon as a product is marked out of stock or discontinued, that product will be hidden from public view in any collections that a designer has added it to.

How do vendors get their product line into SideDoor?

The final step is to onboard your product selection to our digital library. This will allow our Interior Designer members to share with their clients through their websites and social media accounts, which becomes an entirely new/free marketing channel for your brand. Please follow the instructions below that best apply to you:

A. If your line is already being shown on other marketplaces please just send us the same information.

B. We can NOT work with PDF's so please only send your inventory/catalogue in a digital format that can be manipulated. We can also accept a CSV or Excel spreadsheet with the product sku's and info or if you have a google drive/dropbox/zip/ or onedrive acct please share the link.

C. If you don't have this info already, please copy and use this google sheet and return it to us.

How do you handle custom orders, COM, or special orders?

We don't. Right now this platform is for Vendor's products that are able to be shipped 'as shown' on your website or in your catalogue.

How do you handle sample or catalogue requests?

We don't. If designers or their clients require more info we direct them to the vendor's website or their local trade showroom.

How do you handle 'white-glove' shipments

Shipping costs as calculated at time of checkout are for orders that ship directly to your place of business or a third party receiver / delivery company, or a residence if specified in advance. In some cases, designated 'Ship To' addresses must be able to accommodate a transport truck. Several of our standard shippers will not deliver to a residence. Exceptions to this would be for items that are able to ship via Fedex or UPS as designated by the vendor. White-Glove Delivery costs will be quoted to you and invoiced separately in some cases.

How do you know my inventory status or project lead times?

Ideally, Brands supply us with a feed to their complete product inventory and count. If this is not available, our team will log into to your vendor portal and update manually every week.

How do you quote lead-times?

We go to great lengths to only allow embeds of products that are IN STOCK and ready to ship. However, this is not subject to our control and we depend on accurate inventory feed and status' from our Vendor accts. When applicable and provided by the vendor, SideDoor will show Designers with an estimate of the approximate delivery time for each product shown. We understand fabric or leather shortages etc. may occasionally result in delays and orders for non-upholstered products are subject to vendor inventory, availability and production schedules. Once shipped, delivery times are subject to the carrier’s routes and schedules that the order has been consigned to. Updates will be emailed to our members as we receive them from the vendor and/or freight carrier. We will not, however, make price adjustments due to a delay in delivery.

How do you support and protect my brand identity and pricing structure?

We follow the internet, IMAP, or MAP policies established by the individual brands. We keep an up-to-date tax id #, resale certificate, and website login for each of our designer members. When a SideDoor Interior Designer member joins, they sign and agree to follow our Terms and Conditions. ONLY then are they given access to our digital library through a password-protected portal. Once inside, in addition to sku info and pictures, they can see the Designer Price and IMAP, MAP or Suggested Retail price. They have the option to embed products with shoppable links that include pricing as long as the price is at IMAP, MAP, MSRP or above. The system monitors these prices and will disallow anyone that violates our Terms and Conditions.

How does drop shipping work?

We will supply a PO with all shipping information. Once acknowledged and we are provided with a tracking number for the order, we will track and update our customer. We will follow up with the customer after delivery to confirm it's safe arrival, then close the order.

How does freight work?

As you know, there is no easy answer to this question. We calculate and charge the end-user for freight at checkout. When you receive a PO from us, we will already have been paid by the customer for freight. If you drop ship, we will pay for the freight directly to you if it can be charged before it ships. If our brands do not drop-ship or bill freight separately, we can either facilitate shipping on our accounts or submit a second payment for freight once it's invoiced by the vendor. SideDoor has accounts with a network of white-glove delivery services, common carriers and parcel delivery carriers. Please see the options below that best fit your company's policy.

How does SideDoor make money?

We place all orders that come to us from Designers on our accounts at the Wholesale or Volume price. We make the difference between Wholesale/Stocking Dealer and the Designer Net Price. With this margin, we pay for the credit card processing, customer support, and overhead of coordinating the drop shipment or fulfillment of the order from the Vendor. Designers make the spread between the Trade or Designer Net price and what the customer pays for it. The customer pays for the product at your IMAP or MAP price—or ABOVE and never below.

How is SideDoor different from the other To the Trade platforms?

We are both a tool and a platform. Our technology protects your IMAP and allows designers to show and sell to their clients through their own websites and social media, giving brands an entirely new sales channel. Today, it is more difficult now than ever before for designers to make money on products, while also being easier than ever for clients to shop online. We solve this problem by allowing designers to show and sell products they like on their media platforms AND we consolidate this coveted, but fragmented group for the select vendors we set up accounts with. Other services also exist that allow Designers to create mood boards or clip products from the internet to add into quotes, etc.-but SideDoor is the only service that allows Designers and Brands to work together online to drive sales. Our technology allows designers to use their taste to showcase brands and products to their own followings. More than ever, people are going to turn to trusted sources to help them purchase for their home. The internet is just too overwhelming. Consumers already come to Designers to curate the infinite choices in the Marketplace-but now, using our technology, designers and brands can actually profit from it.

So you are allowing designers to upload product images from brands onto their client proposals, website, and social media?

We give brands the choice of whether they want to allow Designers to embed on their websites directly or just have shoppable links they can share with their clients. Of course, this is done already on many of their sites, the difference is that we set controls for how it's shown, by whom and at what price point. We then consolidate orders that come into our system and give you one point-of-contact instead of dozens, hundreds, or thousands.

What about change orders?

Items ordered may be changed or cancelled within 24 hours of the time of the order without penalty. Change of orders after 24 hours will not be accepted. In the event the order has already shipped or the sourcing vendor has already prepared your order for shipping, no cancellations or changes will be accepted.

What if I don't allow for Will Call pick ups?

If you will only ship items on your freight accounts and charge for freight on a separate invoice, then we will require confirmation of delivery so we can follow up with our client. Once a successful delivery is confirmed, we will remit payment for the shipping invoice. For 'white-glove', service clients must be prepared to accept delivery of your special order when notified of shipping. Delivery personnel are not permitted to hang wall art or mirrors or to move furniture or electronic equipment already in your clients’ home. The buyer is responsible to ensure that products purchased will physically fit in the designated delivery area. Product unable to be delivered because of physical dimensions exceeding the space designated for delivery cannot be returned. This would include restrictions in ceiling height, door width, staircase limitations, etc. that would prevent access to the designated delivery area. Deliveries requiring rescheduling because of client no-show, not home, day of delivery cancellation, etc. will incur additional fees. Deliveries held by the Delivery Company for more than thirty days from the time of receiving may be subject to storage fees.

What if I don't drop ship?

Once the order is acknowledged and released, we can schedule a pick-up from your warehouse or facility using one of our preferred carriers on our accounts.

What other lines or brands do you offer?

We will be launching with over 100 Brands. You can see the working list here.

Who can be a member or SideDoor?

SideDoor is a to-the-trade program offered to industry professionals only. Along with a professional website, business credentials must be presented to qualify. These include: Federal ID Number, State Resale Tax Certificate (must be provided prior to joining), & Business License. SideDoor does not sell to internet based re-sellers of consumer goods, or direct to consumers.

Why did you build this?

Interior Designers specify 77 billion dollars worth of product annually, but because our industry is so fragmented, independent designers have no way to leverage their power and Vendor's have no way to support this group en-masse. The lack of transparency in the industry is stifling, creates confusion, and ultimately hurts the value and art form of Interior Design.

With over 25 years of experience running businesses in the interior design, manufacturing and home furnishings industries, we understand the considerable challenges faced by designers and brands alike.
The art form of interior design will never die, but the old way of doing business is broken. And because we believe we're stronger together, our tools and services help Interior Designers and Brands increase their margins and compete without being forced to give up their ""independence”.

Welcome to SideDoor, the industry’s first behind-the-scenes service that allows Designer's to make real money online and build their OWN brand. We set up the accounts, handle all of the processing, coordinate freight on our discounted carriers, and make sure orders are delivered on spec. Our customer service team handles any issues or requests that arise, freeing Designers to do what they do best--design and sell, while also freeing Brands to do what they do best--design and deliver.

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