77 Influencers on Why They Love SideDoor: ‘It's a Must!’

We give influencers a better way to monetize their taste. Your followers are in your feed because they admire your style. With SideDoor, you add 10 times more profit to your bottom line. Influencers are already innovating the industry; the potential for what you can do with SideDoor is enormous—and up to you.

You can earn 30% on trade products with SideDoor. Compare that to the 3% that comes with generic affiliate programs.


Navigating the world of trade products, drop-shipping, and affiliate fees can be overwhelming, time consuming, and ultimately take you away from what you do best. With SideDoor, influencers can share their favorite products from designer brands without any hassle. We centralize orders on our accounts, coordinate the fulfillment, deal with damages, and direct deposit the full commission via Stripe.

The Opportunity

Here are the facts: By 2027, it’s projected that social commerce will drive $604 billion in sales. 71% of social media users are more likely to buy based on social media referrals. 54% of social media users use platforms to look up products. And, the Harris Poll reports that more than 40% of Gen Z and Millennial consumers have already bought straight off platforms. Couple all of that with the fact that the digital home market is expected to grow by $83 billion in 2024, and it’s clear: the potential for you to grow is immeasurable.

Why Influencers Love SideDoor

Amy Studebaker

"As a designer, you are always finding yourself wanting to help as many people as you can with creating beautiful interiors that they can call home. My followers are always asking me where they can find so many of the pieces that we share, and up until now, there wasn't a solution available. Sidedoor not only solves the solution to the problem so many designers face, but they are also equipped with a fabulous team willing to go above and beyond for anyone using their platform."

–Amy Studebaker,
80.5k Instagram Followers
Vegan Design

“It's a must and you're missing out on earning great, continual revenue if you don't join. The SideDoor team is responsive, smart and allows you to focus. I can't say enough positive things about SideDoor. It's awesome.”

–Deborah DiMare,
13.1k Instagram followers
House of Hipsters

“Finally. The single most asked question on my social media is, ‘Where can I buy that?’ Before SideDoor, it was a really difficult question to answer. (Well, it depends—if it’s a trade product, ‘Sorry, you can’t.’ If it’s a retail product, ‘Here’s a link to someone else’s site; please use this link so I’ll get my tiny affiliate fee.’ Cross fingers and hope they come back. With SideDoor, now it's as simple as, ‘Here you go,’ and inserting a shoppable link: No brainer.”

–Kyla, @houseofhipstersblog
91.5k Instagram followers
Katie Sullivan


–Katie Sullivan, @prettydomesticated
55.6k Instagram followers
Light and Dwell

“SideDoor is Great! It's a service that we didn't even know could exist, and offers so much to our company!”

Jane Maki, @lightanddwell
78.8k Instagram followers
McGee and Co.

“This sounds like the perfect missing piece for our e-designs.”

–Michelia Whitaker, @mcgeeandco
1.3m Instagram followers
House of Brinson

“I always want to share my product sources with our community, however I use mostly designer sources mixed in with vintage. Side Door opens up the world of designer goods to our community, curated with my point of view. Having access to my favorite trade brands allows me to create content like showroom visits and other educational shopping content.”

Susan Brinson, @houseofbrinson
129k Instagram Followers