Why a Home Staging Guru Recommends SideDoor to Everyone Getting Started

"SideDoor is a no-brainer for stagers to up their game. It has revolutionized how stagers and designers find, buy and share products. I highly recommend that every home stager use this platform."

–Audra Slinkey, CEO Home Staging Resource, Expert E-Designer and Certified Color Expert training programs, California

“Now the stager/designer can focus on what they love to do...shop and design.”


Audra Slinkey has personally trained over 10,000 stagers and designers across the globe through her company, Home Staging Resource. She is passionate about helping stagers and designers grow their business and offers a full suite of training courses, certifications, templates, and websites to help designers of all stripes.

The Problem

“To be successful financially, designers need more than just hustle—they need a resource that combines their favorite places to shop in one place. Plus, they need to buy direct at a deep discount without opening several accounts, meeting minimums, dealing with shipping hassles and traveling to Markets. Finally, they need a way to share their ideas with their clients and fans and make some money!” says Audra.

Audra Slinkey
Audra Slinkey

The Solution

Audra is a SideDoor early adopter because she recognized immediately that our incentives are totally aligned with designers and stagers. In other words, SideDoor only makes money when designers make money!

There are only so many billable hours in a day and making money on the products you specify is critical to your financial success.

In the past, Audra was limited to recommending setting up accounts that had a small number of designer friendly lines, or suggesting designers use retail products to simplify their business.  

With SideDoor, now designers can buy from hard-to-get trade brands without meeting any minimums or jumping through hoops, all while delivering a world class design plan.