One simple online tool that will transform your design business.

Curate collections from the top trade brands. Share those collections with your clients directly, on social media or your website. Once the order is placed, it’s all on us. We do the heavy lifting and you make an average of 30%30% on each order.

How It Works

Sign Up & Curate

No more applying for dozens of accounts, meeting minimums, calling to check stock, and jumping through needless hoops. Simply open an account with SideDoor to access hundreds of thousands of products from top trade only brands, and curate those products into shareable collections.

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Share & Embed

Use SideDoor’s simple platform to share your collections with clients and fans through shoppable links or by embedding your collections wherever your fans find your work. Now you can monetize your website, moodboards, blog posts, emails, and social media accounts. The possibilities are endless.

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Sell & Earn

When a user purchases from one of your carefully curated collections, SideDoor deposits your commission into your bank account upon delivery of the product purchased.

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How the Money Works
Logistics, Handled

No more issuing POs, no more coordinating freight, no more tracking orders or handling claims. With SideDoor, all of the logistics are handled, giving you more time to do what you do best, create beautiful designs.

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Who is SideDoor for?

We’re for the creator and taste-maker! We’re for the interior designer, e-designer, stager, home influencer who is tired of getting shopped and wants to be compensated fairly for their taste. We’re for the designer who wants to grow their own brand—not everyone else's! SideDoor supports interior design professionals and arms them with easy, transparent, and digital tools to compete online!

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Why Designers Love Us

Why Designers Love Us

Multiple Income Streams

My biggest challenge preventing me from growth is that I am stuck trading hours for dollars, and since I'm not a reliable hour counter, I am constantly over working and under charging.  

SideDoor is an opportunity to reach a broader market, have multiple income streams, is a way to source for active full design projects, and I can resell the same collections multiple times.

—Emily Stein, Pennsylvania
Empowered and Compensated

SideDoor has been a god-send! It allows me to be flexible in my selections without worrying about margins, sourcing and receiving. They take the hard and tedious parts of our job and leave you feeling empowered and compensated. If you're not sure about joining, I'd say you won't regret it because there is merchandise and price point for everyone.

—Zachary Wilkerson, utah
Increased Profit Margins

It’s the best decision we could have ever made, for our business and our clients. Ordering for clients became a breeze, and our profit margin increased greatly! Setting up accounts for vendors took up so much of our time and creative energy, we were left frustrated with the difficulty of sourcing unique pieces for our clients.

—Emily Knotts, North Carolina
Added Value to Your Service

I recommend SideDoor to all of my design colleagues. After joining, I am able to specify products that my clients love—that adds value to the service I offer. The challenge of finding products my clients weren’t able to shop for online was frustrating.

—Aishah Coleman, New York
A Net You Can Easily Cast

Prior to discovering SideDoor, I was overwhelmed with the sheer volume of vendor websites to comb through while sourcing for projects. Gathering specifications from multiple sources to share with clients was also a challenge. With SideDoor, I am able to easily cast my net to search across multiple brands, collect data in one place, and curate collections.

—Nicole Scalabrino, North Carolina
Many More Open Doors

I am a single, owner-operated residential designer who caters toward e-design clients all across the country. We also move every 2 to 3 years due to my husband’s career. Now with SideDoor, I’m able to confidently source designer-exclusive items for my clients. I’ve also been able to cater to higher-end clients. It doesn’t matter where you’re at in your career or business—joining SideDoor will open so many more doors for you and your clients.

—Dani Clarke,
Top-Notch Customer Service

SideDoor has provided an awesome way for me to easily provide collections to both e-design and one-time consultation clients. Rather than pulling only retail sources, I can now provide trade-exclusive items directly to my clients—and make a profit! It's created an all-new income stream for my business, and the customer service my clients have experienced from the SideDoor team has been top-notch.

—Lauren Figueroa, Michigan
A Win/Win for Everyone

Prior to using SideDoor, I was sourcing all of my furniture and accessories from retail vendors with no trade benefits whatsoever. All of my profit was coming from my design fees, and I was struggling to keep those fees affordable for my ideal clientele and still earn enough to keep my small business afloat. SideDoor gives me a way to attract the right kind of client and increase my earnings—a win/win for everyone!

—Kaci McAllister, Connecticut
Hours of Time Saved on Sourcing

My biggest challenge before SideDoor was all the websites and all the options. It took so much time to source products. Now, using SideDoor, my time sourcing has been reduced dramatically. Everything is right there, and new vendors are being added all the time. My customers love the collection boards that I send them; they think it looks professional and it’s easy to use. If you are on the fence about joining SideDoor, fear not! Just do it and save yourself hours of sourcing times!

—Sarah Sellers, Texas
Streamlined and Simple

If you're on the fence about joining SideDoor, just do it! The team has been so helpful and strives to make every interaction a positive one. They are dedicated to making you look like a rock star to your clients! They make sourcing for your clients streamlined and simple.

—Tammie Burton, Tennessee
Consistent Pricing, Confident Sales

SideDoor has changed the way we approach clients and the way we do business. It's incredible. We now have the confidence in knowing that clients won't shop around since our pricing via SideDoor is exactly the same as other online sites. You're missing out on earning great, continual revenue if you don't join.

—Deborah Dimare, Florida
A More Manageable Ordering Process

I was overwhelmed with sourcing and all of the ins and outs of ordering products and managing multiple trade accounts. SideDoor made the process manageable! After joining I was given the support I needed to keep my business profitable!

—Maggie Morton, Maryland
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