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A simpler way for Interior Designers to become more profitable.

How SideDoor Works

  • Step 1

    Request Access

    We’ll review your request and if you're a good fit invite you to join our free early access program.

  • Step 2

    Curate Collections

    Select products from a vast array of vendors at vendor direct designer net pricing, curate those products into collections for your client proposals, or to share with your social media fans.

  • Step 3


    Each collection gets a shoppable link and can also be embedded onto your website. Your clients and fans no longer take your ideas and purchase elsewhere, they can now purchase your beautiful design concepts and the products you love directly from you.

  • Step 4

    Earn Commission

    When your clients or fans purchase products from that collection, you make the spread between designer net and retail, we take care of the rest.

  • Step 5

    Sit Back & Relax

    No more opening accounts with 100’s of dealers; no more submitting purchase orders; no more worrying about freight. When your client makes a purchase, we fulfill the order, get the product to them, deposit your commission into your bank account, and voila, you have a new revenue stream.

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Still deciding whether to give SideDoor a look for your design business? Here's what some of the early access designers are saying:

Excellent and overdue!!

Barbara, Collins Interiors
Barbara, Collins Interiors

I am changing my whole business since the selling of goods is such a big headache.

Elena - EC Design and Decor
Elena - EC Design and Decor

The online marketplaces have made it difficult for the individual designer to continue doing business 'the old way' and I love the solution that Side Door provides

Eve, Eve Beres Designs
Eve, Eve Beres Designs

Brilliant idea and much needed.

Gillian, Drummond House
Gillian, Drummond House

This sounds like the perfect missing piece for our e-designs.

Michelia, Studio M
Michelia, Studio M

I am absolutely loving the site!

Renee, Renee Rucci Designs
Renee, Renee Rucci Designs

This is well done and it's the perfect thing for my business and social media needs.

Sharon, Copeland Interiors
Sharon, Copeland Interiors

I’m excited about this program! This is just what my business needs during this time of flux and change, this is the perfect vehicle to help.

Tamara, TTS Design
Tamara, TTS Design
About SideDoor

We're committed to the Independent Designer's Survival

Most interior designers struggle to monetize their businesses, so SideDoor created a super - flexible sales tool that helps you make money through your website and social media and grow YOUR own brand- not everyone elses. The truth is it's hard and this industry is simply not set up for designers to make money on the products they specify. SideDoor offers a free, simplified way for Interior Designers to become more profitable. We empower designers to do what they do best while providing the financial compensation they deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm confused, what is this all about?

SideDoor is a behind-the-scenes service for independent, residential, interior designers. We built proprietary tools that allow you to make your website and social media pages 'shoppable’. We take the critical, but painstaking back-end work off of a designers plate so that they can focus on their business and make more money while doing it.

For simplicity's sake: consider us the Vendor. Think of us as a curated, multi-line showroom that has all of your favorite brands. We let you 'choose and pick products' from the digital catalogs of top brands that you can curate into collections for your clients. Your curated collections become shoppable with a private link that you can share or by embedding directly onto your website. Your client or fan can now purchase items you love or propose for their project, directly from you–their designer.

We handle all of the coordination and behind-the-scenes logistics and deliver the product directly to your client. After the items have been successfully delivered to the buyer, we deposit the 'commission' directly into your checking account through Stripe Connect. The money you make is the difference between the Vendor’s Designer Net Price (Trade Price) and the price the customer pays for it (minimum IMAP or above). We build the price of the freight into the item, which is paid for by the customer.

Why did you build this?

Interior Designers specify 77 billion dollars worth of product annually, but because our industry is so fragmented, independent designers have no way to leverage their power. The lack of transparency in the industry is stifling, creates confusion, and ultimately hurts the value and art form of Interior Design.

We can't solve all of these problems in one go, but by leveraging the value of SideDoor’s purchasing, we can hopefully shift some of the power back to the only group that can drive the industry forward–Professional Independent Interior Designers. With over 25 years of experience running businesses in the interior design, manufacturing and home furnishings industries, we understand the considerable challenges faced by designers.

The art form of interior design will never die, but the old way of doing business is broken. And because we believe we're stronger together, our tools and services help Interior Designers increase their margins and compete without being forced to give up their "independence”.

Welcome to SideDoor, the industry’s first behind-the-scenes service that allows you to make real money online and build your OWN brand. We set up the accounts, handle all of the processing, coordinate freight on our discounted carriers, and make sure orders are delivered on spec. Our customer service team handles any issues or requests that arise, freeing you to do what you do best–design and sell."

How do I join?

First you must request access. If minimum criteria are met and you’re accepted, you can begin using our services immediately.

Are there any minimums I have to meet when I or any clients place an order?

No, none. You, your clients, and fans can place orders using the shoppable links with no minimums on any of the product available inside SideDoor.

Can I buy from some of your vendors below Designer Net, and can I order on my account for these items?

No. If you want to place orders for your design clients on your own accounts that is fine, but we will not allow embedding, coordinate the purchasing or handle the fulfillment for those. You will have to do so outside of SideDoor’s services, using your current process or old way of operating.

Can I get a quote prior to placing order?

No, prices shown in our digital library are for 'as shown' product and final. If you want to customize or modify something that would require a new price quote then you will need to contact your representative or approach the showroom or brand directly.

Can I get finish or material samples?

No. We don't provide these from our member brands. Contact your local representative, trade only showroom, or

Can I show product from any of your vendors?

Yes. Any product you see shown in our digital database is available for you to show to your clients, share with a shoppable link and embed on your website.

Do I have to pay taxes on anything that sells through SideDoor?

No. We handle the taxes and file them with all appropriate county, state, & federal agencies. SideDoor will calculate and remit the sales tax burden for items that sell directly through your website using SideDoor's tool. If you are ordering for yourself or for a client that you are invoicing separately you will be responsible for charging sales tax where appropriate. You will receive commission income from SideDoor when orders are placed on our platform through your shoppable links and product embeds on your website. This will be a GROSS payment to you as an Independent Contractor. This is considered commission income and no taxes are withheld from us. You are responsible for remitting the appropriate taxes due on this income.

Do I need to submit a PO to SideDoor or to the Vendor?

No. You don't have to do any PO's with SideDoor. We take this off your plate entirely. When things sell on your page or shoppable link, we handle all of the administrative tasks. Once the order has been delivered you will get a payment from us representing the difference between the Designer Net price and the price it sold for (minus the freight/tax). This payment from us should be entered into your accounting software as COMMISSION INCOME. Other than that, there is nothing you need to do in your project management software or accounting software.

Do I still need an assistant?

It's up to you! We take a lot of the busy-work off of your assistant’s plate, so you may find that they can be more useful helping in other parts of your business.

Do you handle correspondence with clients prior to purchase?

No. These are your customers/clients/fans. The customer doesn't know who we are and we don't get involved until after they hit the buy now button. We communicate directly with the client ONLY about details regarding PLACED and PAID FOR orders.

Do you mark up freight,shipping, or handling?

No, we use our purchasing power to negotiate the best rates possible from a network of white-glove, LTL, and common carriers. This is the best way to compete with the large E-Commerce sites that are targeting customers directly.

Do you mark up product above the vendors’ Designer Price?

No. Pricing is firm, does not fluctuate, and is based on the Designer discounts from the Brand or Vendor's Designer Net and their established MAP policies. We do not inflate prices to fabricate discount levels like some other online sites or trade showrooms.

Does this integrate with my Project Management Software or Quickbooks?

No. At this time, SideDoor does not integrate with your Project Management software. However, since you are not issuing any PO's, handling any inventory, etc; the only entry you will need to make is adding your 'commission income' as a deposit into your general ledger.

How are damages in transit handled?

Since we are the Vendor of Record and are paying the freight company or vendor for freight, we handle this for you. You DO NOT need to be involved in freight or damage disputes.

How are returns handled?

All sales through SideDoor are final. We do not allow returns unless the product is damaged in transit.

How do I arrange delivery to my client?

We handle this for you. If an item is purchased through SideDoor, we will coordinate the drop shipment or delivery from the vendor, directly to your client.

How do I arrange delivery direct to my client?

SideDoor can arrange delivery directly to your client’s home in most cases, but the most cost-effective way will be to use a receiving warehouse. Because every order is different, at the point of purchase, the customer will choose what level of delivery service is required and we’ll quote that accordingly.

What if my client isn't ready for the delivery?

We can have the order rerouted to the third party of your choice. We strongly recommend sending larger items to professional receivers and have a list we can provide. Some freight companies will charge for any rerouting or cross-docking fees that occur if the original 'ship to' address changes after the product has shipped. We will coordinate and negotiate this with the customer and carrier so you don't need to be involved.

Is there any lead time?

If a product is listed on SideDoor, we can fulfill the order or it will show with expected lead-time.

How do I make money?

You make the difference between the Designer Price (designer net) and the price at which it sells to your client or the customer that purchases it on your website. The price you can list it at online must be above the MAP (minimum advertised price) or IMAP (internet minimum advertised price) and our system will not allow for any pricing below these levels. These are set by the brand and this is non-negotiable.

How does SideDoor make money?

We place all orders that come through from your site or social media on our accounts at the wholesale/stocking dealer price. We make the difference between wholesale/stocking dealer price and the designer price. With this margin, we take care of the following: paying credit card processing fees, overhead and customer support, and coordinating the drop shipment or fulfillment of the order with the Vendor. You earn the spread between the Trade or Designer Net price and what the customer pays for it. You must show products at the IMAP price or above.

How does the commission payment work?

When you join, you will be required to set up an account with Stripe (free), which will be connected to your bank account. This allows us to deposit your commission (BUT NOT WITHDRAW) funds directly into your account. Your payment will be directly deposited into your Stripe account once the order has been successfully DELIVERED in full to the end-user.

How much does this cost?

Our BETA program is free to qualifying designers. If you are accepted, the product will remain free as long you are a member in good standing. Upon our official launch, we will be charging all new, qualified designers for our tools and services on a monthly basis.

I already have an account with some of your vendors. Can I still order directly through them?

For your design clients, yes, of course. But you will need to use your own systems and won’t be able to show this product on your website or use our shoppable links unless you order it from us on our accounts.

I don't live in the US, does SideDoor work for International Designers?

As of now, our platform is only for Designers based in the US and trading in US dollars. Opening this up to Canadian and Mexican designers is scheduled for phase 2 of our roll out. If you are not in the US, please contact us at [email protected] and we will add you to the International Wait List.

Is there a contract and can I leave anytime?

There is NO contract. You can stop using our service anytime you like. We do have a terms and conditions (can view in menu bar) that you will agree to follow when you register. We reserve the right to discontinue our services to any person that violates our terms and conditions, misuses our service, or mistreats our staff.
We will submit any 'commission' checks owed to you and a summary of all activity at the end of the month you leave in."

Is there a limit to the number of products I can show?

No. You can show as many as you like. However, please remember that clients are coming to you for curation and to help navigate the countless choices they find online. Less — but better — is what they are looking for, and overwhelming visitors with choice will be counter-productive.

What about custom product?

Right now, our service is for a vendor's AS SHOWN products only. Customization tools will be rolled out in a later version of SideDoor.

What about minimums?

There are NO minimums. All orders are placed on our accounts so you don't have to worry about this.

What brands can I use?

We will be launching with over 100 Brands. You will be able to access their digital catalogs with your login information. Once inside you will also see the 'Trade' price, MAP, IMAP, or MSRP and the %'age margins available. Do you have a brand you want us to prioritize? Send your wish list requests to [email protected].

What happens if an order arrives damaged?

The customer will be advised to contact us immediately! We look after all damage claims, however, we need to know about the issue as soon as possible. Items shipped to your receiver of choice must be inspected when received in order for us to make a claim with the shipper and/or manufacturer. We’re here to arrange repair or replacement of the item as required if it is damaged in transit.

What if I want to show products from a vendor not on your list?

There are thousands of vendors in the US and tens of thousands across the globe. To start, we’ve negotiated deals with 100+ of the top vendors in our industry, making a commitment to support them and to train our staff about their requirements. We’ve decided to only focus on high-end brands that were most requested by our members. We can only help you with orders from our preferred vendors. If you would like to suggest vendors for us to add, please email them to [email protected]. If you’d like to order something from a vendor not on our list, you would do that directly with them or through whichever Trade Only showroom they’ve partnered with in your area.

What is the best way to communicate with you?

Email is currently the fastest and most effective way to communicate. We will have a chat function on the website, but in the interim, emails to [email protected] will go to all members of our team and will be answered as fast as possible.

Who pays the credit card processing fee?

We do. You are not charged any credit card processing fees for items that are sold through your site or social media.

Will I receive a 1099 from SideDoor?

Yes. We are required to provide 1099's to you if you earn more than $600 in commission income. If you earn less than $600 you will not receive a 1099.

How can I use this to sell to my fans on social media?

Each collection gets its own private URL that you can use to share with your followers. When a follower clicks on that URL, they'll be able to see the products in that specific collection. From there, your followers can view each product, as well as purchase products from the collection.

How often are my shoppable links and embeds updated?

Shoppable links and embeds are updated in realtime when changes are made to their associated collection on SideDoor by the designer. No additional work is required by the designer to update the embedded collection on their website.

What if I don't have a website?

No worries! You can use SideDoor's Shoppable Link feature to share your collections with your design clients and fans. Shoppable Links are unique URLs that link back to a Collection's page. From the Collection page your clients and fans can view each product in the collection, purchase specific items from the collection, or purchase the collection outright.

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