Grow your business with professional designers and influencers

SideDoor makes it easy for you to connect with designers and influencers and sell more of your products. Increase your brand visibility, the right way: we are a Trade-Only tool that protects your IMAP, shows your products to professional designers and their followers, centralizes and facilitates their orders, and gives you one point of contact for payment.

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Our Story

SideDoor is made up of seasoned entrepreneurs and industry veterans with 20+ years of experience in all sides of the industry. We believe in the power of design and, most importantly, the power of the designer. We know it's a struggle for design creatives to monetize their businesses—that's why we made a flexible sales tool that helps designers become more profitable in this new digital economy. SideDoor offers a simple way for interior designers to do what they do best—and get the financial compensation they deserve.


The Opportunity

Our industry has moved online. Have you moved with it? Interior designers and influencers can be your best salesforce.

We give users easy access to your products, empower them with the tools they need to make the sale, and incentivize them with enough profit margin to come back again and again.

Fact: Over twice as much product is being sourced digitally since Covid. Another fact: SideDoor makes it easier than ever for brands to cater to the Design Trade.

The online home decor market is$83 billion by 2024. You deserve a share of that market.

SideDoor Works for Vendors
Make an Account With Us

Once you establish a stocking dealing or wholesale account in SideDoor’s name, we can provide a credit card number to keep on file. We’ll prepay for all orders until credit terms are warranted.

Share Your Digital Assets

We need your digital assets to display your product on our site. You can share in the form of a CSV or feed that includes the SKU, inventory, pictures (high-res, please), Designer Net and IMAP pricing. If you’re missing any of these, not to worry—we can help.

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Embrace the Attention

Our 4,000+ designers, stagers, and influencers will discover your products, purchase them at your trade price or share them in their curated collections. From there, clients and followers will shop away—a new sales channel is born.

Take Orders

We aggregate and facilitate orders for our designers and will place purchase orders on our accounts. We will also coordinate and handle the fulfillment and help manage any damages. We do not accept returns or cancellations. All SideDoor orders are guaranteed.

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Why should you choose SideDoor?

Grow Your Brand and Help Designers

Designers are the tastemakers in their community, and now their community is online. By helping them grow their business, you grow yours!  We give them an easier way to curate and share your high-quality products.

Streamline Your Trade-Only Sales

While it’s just as convenient, SideDoor is a to-the-trade sales tool, not direct-to-consumer. We streamline how designers show and sell your high-quality, well-crafted products that they spec for their clients and projects.

Get Paid Instantly From One Place

SideDoor centralizes the communication and the orders for designers and influencers. We prepay with the PO, don't take returns, and coordinate the fulfillment. We use your existing price structures and don't require credit terms

Keep Prices Clear and Consistent

Designers see your Designer Net price and your IMAP or Suggested Retail. Your pricing is never manipulated, and end users can never see trade pricing. Designers can purchase at Designer Net or their clients/fans can purchase at your IMAP.

Common Questions
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How do fulfillment and shipping work?
How do you handle custom orders, COM, or special orders?
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