Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions
What’s this about?
Why did you build this?
How do I join?
What are the requirements?
What is the best way to communicate with you?
Are there any minimums I have to meet when I or my clients place an order?
Can I buy from some of your vendors below Designer Net?
Can I get a quote prior to placing an order?
Can I get samples?
Can I show product from any of your vendors?
Do I have to pay taxes on anything that sells through SideDoor?
Is there a limit to the number of products I can show?
What about custom product?
Do I need to submit a PO to SideDoor or to the Vendor?
Do you handle correspondence with clients prior to purchase?
I already have an account with some of your vendors. Can I still order directly through them?
What if I want to show products from a vendor not on your list?
Does this integrate with my Project Management Software or Quickbooks?
How can I use this to sell to my social media followers?
What if I don't have a website?
Do you mark up freight, shipping, or handling?
Do you mark up product above the vendors’ Designer Price?
What happens if an order arrives damaged?
How are damages in transit handled?
How are returns handled?
What if my client isn't ready for the delivery?
The Money
How much does this cost?
How do I make money?
How does SideDoor make money?
How does the commission payment work?
Who pays the credit card processing fee?
Will I receive a 1099 from SideDoor?