September 7, 2022

New Vendor on SideDoor: Anaya

New Vendor on SideDoor: Anaya

Anaya, is a resource for artisan design where wellness and home come together to balance the mind, body, and soul.

Picture Perfect

Sleek, stylish and forever timeless.

Designs with Detail

The details of each and every piece are beautifully designed to create impeccable accents.

Meticulously Carved

This marble elephant comes with a hidden detail, a small baby elephant is carved inside.

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Storage + Style

Indigo yarns are handwoven & wrapped around the base of this side table which also functions as storage.

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Natural Neutrals

Designed using Natural Seagrass, these jars can be used as a vase for flowers and leaves.

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Votive, or Vase

Artisans hand cut each silver metallic glass piece and place it on solid glass.

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Plush Pillows

Each piece is hand woven yarn by yarn to create these beautiful patterns.

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