November 1, 2021

How to Integrate SideDoor into Your Business for the Long Run

How to Integrate SideDoor into Your Business for the Long Run

How to Integrate SideDoor into Your Business for the Long Run

SideDoor “only has opportunity for growth, and it’s fun to be in early on because I feel like I'm really able to be part of the process.” –LAUREN FIGUEROA INTERIORS, MICHIGAN

SideDoor is an excellent tool for boosting your business—and we’re here to help you seamlessly weave it into your practice, too. From putting together your pitch on a curated collection for a client to embedding collections into your website and social media, we’ve got you covered.

Early SideDoor member Lauren Figueroa is founder and principal designer at Lauren Figueroa Interior Design (LFID), a full-service design firm based in Southeast Michigan. From giving virtual consultations to guiding clients through major design projects and coaching fellow interior designers, Lauren and her team always go above and beyond.

In the first month using SideDoor with clients, Lauren earned an extra $12,000 in commissions—profits that in the past would have gone to other online retailers. Now, she’s fully worked SideDoor into her consultations with clients and consistently makes commission on one-hour consultations.

“It’s been a process to figure out—like anything, with a new tool, it can be awesome, but if you don’t know how to use it, it’s a challenge: How do I integrate this into my offerings where the client trusts it’s going to work well?” says Lauren.

Kate Greunke of Kate the Socialite has an easy-to-use guide for selling decor and furnishings through SideDoor. Step one: “Create three [collections] that align with your ideal client,” she says, like “The Guest Bedroom” or “Chic Area Rugs,” or a mix of both. From there, you’ll create mood boards and blog posts about each one. Step two: “Embed the [collections] on a new page of your website.” (She explains how in the guide.) Step three: “Create a lead magnet specific to your SideDoor collections.” The goal, Kate says, is to “capture and convert people who would have otherwise left your collections without purchasing.” You should remind the client that it saves time and frustration and provides a cohesive look to the space, and they won’t have to replace their furniture and decor as often, because each product is durable and high-quality.

A longtime Michigan resident, Lauren has found a way to maintain her relationships with her local vendors, using them for more long-term projects. She uses SideDoor primarily for 1-hour consultations with clients, especially those who are looking for quick-ship options. When it comes to furniture and decor, Lauren gets the most out of SideDoor’s variety. It helps her to meet the needs of clients across a wider spectrum.

“I appreciate the range of quality and price points,” says Lauren. “Because if someone’s looking for something high-end, I can still find it. If somebody wanted to shop at a Pottery Barn, West Elm, or sometimes Target, depending on the manufacturer, I’m able to meet that range.”

Lauren finds that the lighting options in particular are a great resource.

“I used to have 10 different websites to find [products] I've been looking for,” she says. “Now it’s more efficient.”

Earlier this month, Lauren made the ideal sale with the ideal client, someone who wasn’t picky and who was straightforward about what she wanted. For the consultation, Lauren was on-site at the client’s house, created a space plan of the room, and then pulled all her product from SideDoor, including decor, sofas, and lighting. Then came her pitch.

“I presented that because I’m a designer, I have access to this great tool—it’s one click here.”

Feeling emboldened by the ease, convenience, and well-curated style, the client purchased everything.

SideDoor allows Lauren to make nearly $10,000 in commission for one day of work—and though that’s not happening every day (at least not yet), even just two days a month boosts her business in a big way. For getting started, she recommends being clear about the bottom line.

“Present SideDoor in a way that makes it clear that this is beneficial to [the client and yourself,] and be transparent on commissions,” advises Lauren. “Many clients are happy to support local designers.”

Lauren’s also glad to work with a platform that offers excellent customer service and builds trust with its designers and vendors: “I feel a lot of comfort knowing the SideDoor team is quick and gracious in their willingness to help out when things go wrong—which isn’t always the case.”

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