May 9, 2024

Eteannette Seymour designed this property using SideDoor

Eteannette Seymour designed this property using SideDoor

This week we’re continuing our SideDoor superstar series where we highlight some of the beautiful work you all have accomplished utilizing the platform. 

Last week we introduced Saratoga, New York based SideDoor designer, Eteannette Seymour (Ettie and Co.). If you missed that conversation, you can see it on the blog here

And today, we have the pleasure of taking a look at one of her projects designed using SideDoor!

Photo by Elisabeth Gordon

Designer: Eteannette Seymour

Photographer: Elisabeth Gordon

Location: Denver, Colorado 

Tell us about the client, the project, and their goals:

This was a younger family—the wife is a physician and the husband is an accountant—and they wanted to do their living room, dining room, and breakfast nook area. It was pretty dated, and just did not feel reflective of their style at all.
Everything (originally) was this brown beige color and it really drabbed the space down. It wasn’t terrible, but my client hated it. 
It pushed me in a new direction because, you know, I think about her being a doctor, and she has this very analytical scientific brain—she really loved geometric patterns and bolder colors—and I’m more of a left brain creative: all about feelings, things can be a little abstract, and she’s maybe more linear. It’s cool how it translated that way.
It pushed me to pull some things I typically wouldn't have—there’s a vibrant gold/yellow geometric pattern rug in the dining room and she loved it so much! 
So, there are things like that where I wouldn’t have ever pulled that unless it was for her, but it was fun to see the space come together because it was still reflective of my style in a way, and just so beautiful!
Photo by Elisabeth Gordon

Why was SideDoor the right fit, and how did you use it:

I used SideDoor to create the collections so that she and her husband could see everything in one place before approving things. Then we [Ettie and Co.] ordered everything and had it come to a receiver.  

Anything else you think it would be fun for designers to know about the project:

One thing another designer commented on about this project was that he liked how I used a variety of vendors in this project. I think that’s what SideDoor is so great for, because they have so many different vendors—and I want to keep pushing myself even more to use a variety of vendors to really get that custom look for folks.
AFTER (Photo by Elisabeth Gordon)
AFTER (Photo by Elisabeth Gordon)

Next week we’ll be talking with Eteannette again specifically about how she’s found success with the platform—financials, process, sales, oh my! So stay tuned for that. 

If you want to follow along with Ettie’s design work, you can find her website here, as well as her social media profiles on instagram, twitter, and facebook.

And watch out for our schedule announcement of the SideDoor University episode featuring our very own featured designer for this month, Eteannette Seymour. We can’t wait to learn together!

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Eteannette Seymour designed this property using SideDoor
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